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Beaumont Hills Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic has relocated see below

Beaumont Hills Physiotherapy and Sports injury clinic

will be closing on 23rd October 2020.

I will be continuing to practice as a Physiotherapist at my new location 

2/253 Old Northern Road Castle Hill (Inside the Acupuncture Room)

on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Bookings can be made from 3rd November 2020


 or the appointment link on this page.

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Thankyou everyone for your ongoing support in the past 9 years at Beaumont Hills

Scott Thompson

Beaumont Hills Physio





Beaumont Hills Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic 


Why Choose Beaumont Hills Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinic.

The simple answer is experience. Our principle Physiotherapist- Scott Thompson, has been actively practicing since 1989. During this time Scott has developed a diverse set of treatment and diagnostic skills that only constant practice can achieve.


Having worked with a variety of clientele in both Acute and Chronic injury management, hospital and Private Practice settings, Scott has a vast knowledge base to draw on. The advantage is, this provides our clientele a solution to their problems not just treatment. This has a cost benefit for our clients as less follow up appointments are required.



Focused on results

Beaumont Hills Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is independently owned and operated.

With 30 years of experience we aim to provide solutions to your problems not just relief of symptoms.

Our treatment recommendations are individually tailored to your needs based on a detailed history and Physical Assessment.

Providing Physiotherapy services to Beaumont Hills, Rouse Hill, Kellyville and the Hills District.

We are conveniently located at Beaumont Hills Shopping centre with ample parking and easy access.


What areas do we treat?

At Beaumont Hills Physio we have experience in treating:

Do we Just do Sports Injuries?

The short answer is No! Pain can occur for many reasons and causes. Be it acute or sudden pain, or Chronic pain that has been present for some time. Your pain could be a result of a injury or perhaps developed over time, related to you work, sport, recreational activity or "just come on". We have experience in treating pain from many causes.

Do we treat children and Adolescents?

Yes! Children can suffer from the same or similar problems that adults can. However there are also some differences in the type of injuries sustained by children and adolescents. Read on...

Do I Have to be in pain to come for treatment?

No! In fact we encourage people to come before they get pain. Screening to identify any predisposing factors can be a powerful tool in injury prevention. We can assess you and develop a program to help prevent injuries occurring.

Are there any other services offer?

  • We are trained in the fitting and customisation of soft Orthotics.
  • Application and removal of fibreglass plasters
  • Taping including rigid or supportive taping, KINESIO taping.
  • Injury prevention advise and screening.
  • Supply and fitting of Orthotic footwear.
  • Gait/ walking analysis and advise.
  • Clinical Pilates

Do I need a referral?

No. State and federal legislation requires a Doctor's referral for Workers Compensation, Third Party Insurance, Medicare or Veterans Affairs only. No referral is required to attend as a private patient.

So where are we?

Beaumont Hills Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is conveniently located between Rouse Hill and Kellyville at Beaumont Hills Shopping Centre. We have ample free parking on site. The shop is ground level which allows easy access for clients using crutches or wheelchairs.

How do I make an appointment?

If you need more information or need an aapointment:

Call us:  0407410953

Request online:  Appointment

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