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Welcome to To Become One. My name is Antoinette Thompson. I became interested in Spiritual Experience and practice about five years ago. I practice Kriya Yoga, an Ancient form of Yoga given to us by the Ascended Masters of India. When I began practicing, my intuitive abilities began to develop and I became more and more interested in Spiritual Practice. I have completed my Certificate of Metaphysics with The Natural Energies College, which has allowed me to be able to perform a variety of spiritual healings techniques such as Chakra Assessment and Balancing, Aura work, Sound Healing, Numerology, Intuitive Healing, Working with Angels and Guides just to name a few.


I have completed both levels of Reiki One and Reiki Two and I am a certified Reiki Practitioner following the Lineage of Dr Usui, the Founder of Reiki ( a form of spiritual complementary therapy for the treatment of physical, emotional and mental ailments). I am also a full member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

allowing and guiding individuals to explore their own capabilities to heal oneself and to become one 

Following my passion for Metaphysics, I started To Become One with a strong desire to help others to become higher versions of themselves through spiritual awakening  and healing. I am able help those who are seeking to work on themselves to become more in tuned with their souls and energies. To Become One offers holistic and spiritual  complementary therapies that allow individuals to explore their own capabilities to heal oneself and become one by liberating themselves to reach their full potential.

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