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Beaumont Hills Physio can supply and fit the following items:

Orthotic Foot wear

We sell a range of Orthotic Foot wear including

  • cross trainers*- suitable for running and general everyday use
  • light trainers*- suitable for walking and light activity
  • walkers*- suitable for wearing at work where a enclosed shoe is required
  • Orthotic slippers- Slippers have an Orthotic foot bed built in, suitable for use at home
  • Orthotic Thongs and sandals- ideal for casual wearing when shoes are not required. Orthotic correction is built into the thongs

*All Shoes have a removable Orthotic that can be fitted with a customised Orthotic if required

Customised Orthotics

We can fit soft customised Orthotics. Our Orthotics are heat mouldable to give that extra fitting as required. Customised Orthotics can be used in our range of Orthotic foot wear.

Compression foot sleeves

Ideal for heel pain in adults and children. Can be worn during the day or at night when that extra bit of support is required. Foot sleeves are popular and effective in the treatment of Sever's disease in children and Plantar Fasciitis in Adults.

Sports tapes


Braces and supports


Cam walking boots


Theraband/ exercise bands




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