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Kinesio Tape

Have you ever seen the coloured tape on sportsmen and wonder "What is that?", "What does it do?", "Will it help me?" Kinesio tape is the answer!

Kinesio tape was developed by Dr Kenso Kase in Japan in 1973 and has been used in Australia since 2004. More than 30 years of research has gone into developing the tape and taping methods.

The tape is an elastic tape that is approximately the thickness and weight of the skin. It is 100% latex free and generally tolerated well by most users. Kinesio tape was developed as an alternative to rigid strapping or traditional tapes to allow normal movement whilst having a therapeutic or heeling effect.

Kinesio tape can be used to relax tight or spasmed muscles, or used to help a muscle contract. It can also be used to reduce swelling or release tightness around the muscles (Fascia) for example with shin splints. All of this can help relieve your pain.

Kinesio tape is more than just a brightly coloured tape. The various applications of the tape requires knowledge of many varied application techniques. The desired effect is achieved by correct positioning, direction of the tape and tension applied at application.

I have been using Kinesio tape for approximately 12 months have found it particularly useful. I find the short term use of this product has resulted in a faster return to "normal" movement and return to sport.

I have attended courses run by Kinesio Taping Association International, that is the people who developed the tape! So the method I use are consistent with the Research and development of the tape.

Kinesio tape is not just used for Sportsmen, in fact 85% of applications are non-athletic.(Source- Kinesio KT1 workbook; Kinesio Taping Association International 2008)

So in short Kinesio tape is not just another tape, rather it is a method of taping. When correctly applied by a trained applicant, Kinesio taping is a useful tool in providing desired results.

We only use genuine Kinesio Tape!



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