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With the increase in access to the internet, Google has become the first point of call for many people seeking help. Whilst Google is a wonderful source of information, often the information is very general. General information doesn't solve many of the conditions seen daily by your Physiotherapist, that is information provided is may not be specific to you. Or may in fact slow or harm your progress.

Your Physiotherapist has a unique set of diagnostic and treatment skills developed over years of research and clinical practice. This enables your Physio to correctly diagnose and specifically tailor a treatment plan for you.

Furthermore you can be assured that your Physio is registered to practise as a Physiotherapist and undergoes ongoing professional development, so you can have peace of mind. Google information is not filtered and can be written by anyone.

Learn to trust your health care professionals, Physiotherapist are registered specialists, can you say the same for Google?


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